Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Williamsburg Spelling Bee

The Williamsburg Spelling Bee launched its 13th season on Monday, February 7th, 2011. Eighteen contestant competed for prizes in the Brooklyn bar called Pete's Candy Store.

Comedian Jennifer Dziura co-hosted the event.

Jonathan Lill was the first contestant to step up to the challenge. His first word was "acquisition."

The musician Bobbyblue founded the Bee in 2004 and has been hosting it ever since.

Lilly Johnson was up next. She was asked to spell "occurrence" and "obelisk."

Johann Chen hesitated on the word "embarrassment."

Ben Kusmin got the word "handkerchief."

For Maddy DeLeon, the oldest contestant, the Spelling Bee is more than just a game.

This is the first time Charly participated in a spelling bee since the 5th grade.

Contestant Carolyn D'Aquila got eliminated with the word "berceuse."

Ben Kusmin won the first prize: a $25 coupon to spend at the bar.

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